Community Development


  • To continue with the human and social strengthening of Community Tourism Businesses.

  • To promote alternate touristic attractions in less known areas of Quintana Roo to help the surrounding communities.

Actions and Achievements

Eres Agua, ¡Toma Conciencia!

The educational communication campaign for the preservation of the aquifer of Quintana Roo "Eres Agua, ¡Toma Conciencia!" focuses on teaching children, hotel employees and other interested people about the importance of the aquifer in the Peninsula of Yucatan.

This program has reached directly around 55,000  persons all around the State of Quintana Roo.


  • We continue with the characterization of the aquifer dynamics that Amigos de Sian Ka’an has been developing for more than five years in collaboration with researchers from the Geological Survey of Austria (SGA) and the Technical University of Denmark (UTD).

  • There have been continuous monitoring activities of the groundwater levels in the area of Tulum Municipality by performing electrical conductivity profiles in wells, natural sinkholes (cenotes) and lagoons in the area, as well as data collection positioning (GPS) and its piezometry.

  • The results of this monitoring are useful for the construction of a water monitoring network and the local modeling of the groundwater flow in Tulum, which also allows us to generate quality scientific information to help steer policy .

  • development among the local authorities while taking into consideration the local hydrogeology when decisions are made.

Reefs forever

Cultural route and educational Sustainability in Motion: "Reefs forever"

This project teaches participants the importance of the reefs in the Caribbean Sea and how they help reduce Climate Change, stop wave-strenght on coasts due to hurricanes or tropical storms, etc.

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