The loss of forests in Quintana Roo due to disorganized urban sprawl, forest fires and intensive agriculture is a major issue threatening the sequestration of the carbon that causes global climate change and the capture of freshwater for the main destination, which in the main foreign currencies generator in the Mexican tourism industry.


Several endangered animal species such as the puma, jaguar, margay, jaguarundi and ocelot, being eliminated by poaching and habitat loss.


Most solid waste reaching the coast of Sian Ka'an are swept in by ocean currents and waves from other parts of the world. Containers are found from neighboring countries like Belize and Guatemala but it also receives waste from countries as far away as the UK, Finland, Portugal, Japan, China, among other 80 nations.

underground water system pollution

Large amounts of contaminated water from domestic and tourism sources find their way into the aquifers of Quintana Roo. This is a public health problem as well as a problem for the ecosystem, including the coral reefs. A substantial investment is needed to treat, clean and return all wastewater to nature.

loss of live coral

Our studies over 20 years have shown a 50% historical loss of live coral reefs in northern Quintana Roo. Over-fishing, poor control of the tourism activities,  wastewater discharge without adequate treatment and hurricanes are some of the causes of this serious situation.

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